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High Quality Service for High Quality Clients

With an intense focus on marketing and networking, the Far West Team, along with their many long term clients, have enjoyed tremendous success over the years. Far West prioritizes their client’s needs, wants and desires above all else.

Licensed in both California and Nevada, Far West Real Estate understands that every property is different just like each client is different and they pride themselves on navigating the various complexities that may arise in order to provide a successful and fulfilled experience for all of their clients.

With extensive knowledge in water rights, easements, 1031 tax deferred exchanges and various forms of conservation acquisitions, Far West is here to help you through the complexities of buying and selling all types of real estate. Far West offers their clients extensive, targeted digital and print marketing when and where it makes sense. Their work goes far beyond the standard MLS listing, it is personal to each client’s needs and desires and encompasses a database that is generational and ongoing.

One of Far West Real Estate’s primary sources for prospects is the substantial database that’s been established over the years. This includes over 6,000 prospective buyers, sellers, industry professionals, investors and influential community leaders. This proves invaluable for target marketing the unique real estate we represent.

Far West Real Estate is always available to discuss your real estate goals and answer your questions. Their commitment is to respect, understand and never take for granted the importance of real estate investment

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