Access Issues

Access rights are extremely important when assessing the issues involved with the purchase of any property especially larger parcels. Permanent, legal, transferable access is imperative! Usually the title report will indicate what kind of access you have.

Deeded insurable access is the ideal access. This is access that is specifically described, surveyed, or follows an existing road. I’ve seen access or easements through neighboring properties that have been recorded that are not specifically described or surveyed, not get title insurance. This will prevent a buyer from acquiring property using a conventional, FHA, or VA loan, but won’t necessarily prevent the close of escrow.

You may not have insurable access but you can record an un-described or un-surveyed easement for access that runs with the property similar to a prescriptive access on an existing road especially if it has been recorded previously. Sometimes an access fee is necessary for a permit if dealing with government agencies such as the BLM or Forest Service, the State, etc. These fees need to be transferrable to future owners.

A good informed experienced agent can help you navigate through these issues.