diamond s&cs ranches ~ sold

Listing Price: $8,750,000
Location: Golconda, NV
Acreage: 11,400+/- Deeded Acres

The Diamond S and C S Ranches, originally priced at $10,495,000, are a combination of two contiguous historical ranches dating back to the early 1860’s. There are several important things that separate these ranches from most in northern Nevada. The ranches are located along approximately 11 miles of the Humboldt River taking in the the entire sub-irrigated river corridor approx. 11 miles long and 2 miles wide and consists of 22 separate contiguous parcels, just 9 miles from the city of Winnemucca, Nevada. The ideal location of this ranch makes transportation of hay and cattle much more economical than the more remote ranches. The subject property is located on Interstate 80 with access at 2 I-80 interchanges. The Diamond S and C S Ranches have three primary sources of water rights, some of the oldest water rights on the Humboldt River dating back to the early 1860’s, underground water rights and surface water rights out of Rock Creek and Pole Creek.
The property is made up of one large and contiguous land block bisected by the Humboldt River, consisting of irrigated meadows and wild pasture primarily located north of the Western Pacific Railroad and irrigated from the river. The land ranges from being rough leveled to having slight to moderate undulation. The land not irrigated by the river graduates from meadows on to lower alluvials of the Osgood and Hot Springs Mountains to the north. The portion of the property located southwest of the Western Pacific Railroad contains the irrigated field crop lands using diverted Humboldt River water and ground water for irrigation.
The general breakdown of the acreage is as follows; 685 acres irrigated under 7 pivots, 3,500 to 4,000 acres of flood irrigated meadows and 6,490 acres of non irrigated meadows and sage brush. There are 7 irrigation wells. At the present time there are a couple of diversion points and places of use that are in the process of being brought into State compliance. There are two engineered dams on the property. The Stall Dam, an engineered structure that spans the river and provides diversions for certain portions of the ranch and the C S Dam, a concrete and earthen structure of simpler engineering that also spans the Humboldt River and provides diversion of water to other parts of the ranch.
Other improvements consist of extensive livestock fencing, operating corrals including a working chute, loading chute, and an L.R. Murphy 10 ton cattle scale. The ranch roads are gravel and improved dirt. There is also an operating sand and gravel pit located on the property. The farmsteads and improvements are minimal. There are two farm houses, one on the Diamond S and one on the C S Ranch. The C S home is the only habitable home. There are a number of outbuildings including barns, shops and outbuildings. None of these homestead improvements are in good condition.
There is a 35,000 acre BLM grazing allotment included with the ranches consisting of 2,145 AUM’s with 1,159 active, allowing outside grazing for approx. 220 pair for 5 months.
There are a variety of highest and best uses for the Diamond S and C S Ranches as you look back over its 150 year history; combination cattle/hay farm, the ranches have recently been running 600 – 700 mother cows year round in addition to the hay operation, yearling or dairy heifer operation, stocker operation, 2,000 +/- light calve operation or any combination that fits the intended use of the owner. The ranch still has the mineral rights and there is geothermal water on the property. The ranches provide ideal conditions for a bird hunting operation (hunt club) and there is good potential for additional income from the sand and gravel pit.
It is very rare to find an “intact” ranching property that relies primarily on 11,400 acres of private deeded ground that is not remote or isolated, has 3 sources of prime water rights, is located on a major highway (Interstate 80), still has the mineral rights and is just 10 miles from Winnemucca, NV hospitals, shopping, 20 minutes from the Winnemucca jetport and has access to an excellent school system.