Buena Vista Valley Bulk Land

Listing Price: $1,995,000

Location: Mill City, Pershing County, Nevada

Acreage: 10,249 Acres

Buena Vista Valley Bulk Land – originally priced at $2,820,000, now offered for $1,995,000.
Checker-boarded sections private and/or BLM owned.
Several springs on Spaulding Canyon.
Mineral rights – approximately 3,734 deeded acres and approximately 8,640 acres of BLM land.
Wind energy potential in 3 sections.
All in Wind Zone 9, and has an electricity generation potential.
Buena Vista Valley – higher quality bulk land, close to I-80 at Mill City, NV.
Possibility of purchasing water rights in the Buena Vista basin and putting some of the land into production.
Lease for winter cattle grazing brings in a minimum of $30,000 per year.