Buena Vista Valley Bulk Land

Listing Price: $2,820,000 Location: Mill City, Pershing County, Nevada Acreage: 10,249 Acres Property Description: Buena Vista Valley Bulk Land is checker-boarded with every other section privately owned and/or BLM owned Minimal improvements - approximately 5 miles of underground water pipe, water troughs, cattle guards Several springs on Spaulding Canyon Mineral rights on approximately 3,734 deeded acres in mountain portion of the deeded land and approximately 8,640 acres of BLM land … [Read more...]

Greater Lovelock Land Sale – SOLD

Listing Price: $575,000 Location: Pershing County, Nevada Acreage: 5,080 Deeded Acres Property Description This 5,080 acre bulk land sale offering is comprised of a portion of land that once belonged to the Railroad at the turn of the century. The Railroad owned over a million acres in the State of Nevada. Most of the land formed a checkerboard pattern of alternating full sections. The alternating sections were railroad land and BLM land and extended 20 miles along both sides of the originalrailroad … [Read more...]