Cottonwood Ranch ~ REDUCED

Listing Price: $3,500,000 $2,850,000

Location: Eureka County, Nevada

Acreage: 2,972 Acres

Property Description:
The Cottonwood Ranch is located just north of Eureka NV, a 10 minute drive to town at the foot of the Diamond Mountains. What makes the Cottonwood ranch so unique and separates it from all others in Nevada, is the 2,972 deeded acres that comprises the only private land for many miles along the west side of the Diamond Mountain range. The backdrop is the spectacular Diamond Peak with an elevation of over 10,000 ft. The non contiguous configuration of the private land consists of a number of turn of the century homesteads. Remnants of these historic homesteads are still in existence today with stone house ruins, old barns, fencing, mines, fruit orchards, earth and rock storage cellars, old cottonwood trees, etc., and can be seen in the many private canyons and streams originating on the west side of the Diamond range. Many of the Canyons and homesteads were named after the early pioneers who homesteaded the area. Names like Pedrioli, Pastorino, Eunice Place, Banks, Moritz Nager, LaBerry, Minoletti, and others.
Improvements on the 244 acre ranch headquarters parcel include a modest but nice two bedroom ranch house, barn, shop, guest cottage, fenced pasture and various outbuildings.
The owners of Cottonwood ranch have worked diligently over the past 20 years to perfect and insure private access to the canyon that leads to the ranch headquarters. Eureka County has since built a road around the ranch property on BLM land. A significant amount of private land has been improved, including the cleaning out of clogged stream beds, developing of springs, clearing of historic meadow ground in the canyons and building trout ponds. These important improvements have been initiated and completed in order to preserve the historic beauty and integrity of the ranch.
In addition to the deeded acres the Cottonwood Ranch has a BLM grazing lease totaling approximately 60,000 acres with approximately 4,312 combined sheep and cattle AUM’s. The owners are currently leasing out the grazing rights.
The ranch has significant water rights from the various springs and creeks that flow through the property including irrigation and stock water rights. One of the true signs of historical water on the ranch is evidenced by the many aspen groves located in the stream corridors and spring areas.
Historically the Cottonwood Ranch has been operated as a cattle and sheep operation but do to the unique features it possesses; the canyons, the streams, the aspen corridors, springs, proximity to Eureka, trout ponds, etc., there are many other highest and best uses for the property that could even be combined with livestock grazing. There are endless recreational possibilities including having the ideal conditions for the ultimate trail ride equestrian operation, backpacking, hiking (amazing trails leading to Diamond Peak), dude ranch, wilderness camp, family ranch, corporate ranch retreat, trout fishing retreat, wellness/rehab ranch, historic nature preserve, conservation programs, etc.

Property Details

Listing Price: $2,850,000
Location: Eureka, Nevada
Acreage: 2,972 Acres
Highest And Best Use: Livestock Grazing, Recreational
Improvements: 2 Bedroom Ranch House

Special Features: Significant Water Rights
Stone House Ruins
Diamond Peak View

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